Are you and the people you work with trying to make the world a better place?

So are we

We are a People and Organisation Development Team focused on helping you develop the "soft" skills to become more effective in getting things done. Funny how "soft" skills can be so hard isn't it?

Skills like leadership, management, influence, honest dialogue, communication and prioritisation. Then there's having the courage to do something about it. Maybe not so "soft" after all.

Our clients are commercial, public and third sector. They are all aiming for a better world. Some work on global issues like food production, saving lives in resource-poor countries, and overseas development. Some work closer to home bringing hope to lives damaged through poverty and crime. Some are focused on education, health or the long term provision of essential services such as water. Some are faith-based, some are not.


We offer one-to-one coachinggroup facilitation and reading materials to individuals and teams in these and many other settings where creating a better world is the goal.

Like to know more? Please take a look around and feel free to get in touch.