Just what is Executive Coaching?

Coaching is a word often used these days, but not necessarily with a common meaning. So here’s our definition.

Coaching is a process of challenge designed to help you (the client) develop the clarity and the courage to do whatever you need to do next.

It’s not enough to figure things out logically. To become more effective in working with others, you may need to make some changes in the way you go about getting stuff done. That’s where courage can come in. So we talk of challenge, clarity and courage.

How It Works

Typically we like to work with you over a programme of around six half-day meetings spread over 12-15 months. But that can vary depending on the challenges you are facing, their urgency, and the frequency with which new challenges come along. 

Key to this is defining the challenges, and (sorry) we don’t actually provide the answers. The core of our philosophy is that, through the means of guided conversations, you can find your own solutions and then implement them. What we bring to the table is a team of highly experienced senior business people who also happen to be highly experienced in coaching.

Some examples:

  • You could be new to leadership and management – it can be tough working through others
  • Influence and persuasion skills may be your issue – working with your bosses, your peers, or some key external contacts
  • Or maybe you just need space to work out what to do – both personally and within your organisation.

Whatever your challenge, somewhere in our team is the person who can bring the wisdom and experience you need. We are a diverse bunch – male, female, older, younger, experienced in commercial and charity sectors, business managers, HR specialists and an actress.

Next Steps

Do take a closer look at who we are and then feel free to get in touch for more information.