Zoe Dickinson

Zoe has 15 years’ experience of working with individuals and teams, partnering with them to take action to bring about personal and global change. She combines extensive leadership experience in the Christian charity sector, with a solid knowledge of Christian youthwork organisations across the UK. Zoe led a number of teams at Tearfund, co-led the youth venue at Spring Harvest for 4 years and was part of the leadership team of the New Wine Youth venue for several years.

Zoe has a track record of successful coaching with individuals at every level of an organisation, from those new to leadership to experienced directors. Zoe was an internal coach during her time at Tearfund and also worked with the Learning and Development team. Zoe currently runs her own coaching business.

Zoe specialises in helping individuals:

  • discover and develop their gifts
  • identify the essential ingredients of a career that excites them 
  • turn ideas into action

She has coached people through a whole variety of career and life changes.

Zoe trained with Coaching Development and 3D Coaching. She is also a certified Myers Briggs practitioner and works with both individuals and teams in developing their understanding of themselves and those they work with.

Zoe is a natural coach; she combines attentiveness, wisdom, and and gentle courage in a way that draws subjects into the light and allows them to be safely explored and acted upon. She has helped me as I’ve worked through people and process issues; bringing just the right level of challenge to inspire me forward. I’d highly recommend her.
— Andrew McCracken, CEO at Community Foundation for Northern Ireland
Zoe is a naturally gifted coach with an ability to help you focus on what lies at the heart of issues. She has the wisdom to balance providing sufficient space to think with asking insightful questions. Her coaching has helped me to make the most of some of my greatest opportunities.
— Richard Lister, Global Church and Community Catalyst at Tearfund
When I first started working with Zoe I had no idea what I wanted to do with my career. I’d taken an extended maternity-related career break and felt lost in terms of what to do next. I worked through a number of exercises with Zoe which helped clarify my skills, likes and dislikes etc and gradually the fog began to clear and I could see what future career choices might work for me. It wasn’t an easy process; it challenged me mentally and emotionally, but it was certainly worthwhile. Zoe was a pleasure to work with: calm, sensitive, entirely professional, and just the right amount of ‘push’ to help me achieve my goals.
— Jo O’Mara, returning to work after having children, now self-employed