‘This Stuff Really Works’ and ‘Courage to Change’ are a great couple of books that make the complex achievable.
— Charity CEO, UK
I keep giving “This Stuff Really Works” away! I need one for me and a spare for when I give it away. Who can’t benefit from this book?
— Teacher, Special Needs School, UK

“This Stuff Really Works” and “Courage to Change” work in combination, but it's perfectly possible to read them independently of each other.

They bring together:

  • a crisp writing style - no words wasted
  • pieces of theory - models which help you retain the concepts
  • real life examples which apply to commercial, public and charity sectors
  • cartoons bringing the concepts alive
  • short exercise sections so you can work on your own plans
  • an emphasis on keeping it simple

If it takes 400 pages to say, there's a chance that it's an academic thesis being turned into a book.

These books are only 120 pages long, and written by a practitioner for practitioners. They are soaked in the experience of the writer but also, very importantly, in the experience of the people he works with.

And as one of the titles suggests - this stuff really works!

This Stuff Really Works

Here's a few questions.

  • Are you getting things done as effectively as you would like?
  • Do you understand how your personality leads both to some natural strengths and some natural development needs?
  • Do you understand the personalities of your colleagues, and therefore how to work with them?
  • Are you overloaded? Could you be managing your time better?
  • Is everybody where you work crystal-clear on their responsibilities? Are the boundaries clear?

And here's a few more!

  • Do you rely too much on either the power of your logic or of your personality to get things done?
  • Do you understand your own culture, and what that says about getting things done there?
  • And here's the bottom line. Are you totally clear on WHAT your organisation is offering, WHO it is offering it to, and HOW you will find each other?

“This Stuff Really Works” deals with all of this - and guides you towards your own answers.

Really helpful. I wish I had read it twenty years ago - and I am sure my colleagues do too!
— Director, International Development Charity, Sudan

Courage To Change

“Courage to Change” takes things a step further than “This Stuff Really Works”.

It deals with the harsh reality that we may KNOW what we need to do to increase our impact, and yet not have the COURAGE to do it. Development of that courage often requires us to look at two fundamental and quite personal themes - the nature of our beliefs and the nature of our relationships.

The book takes those two themes, and uses them to explore five areas:

  • honesty - the need to face reality - with each other, and about our situation
  • pride - handling our need to have things our own way
  • initiative - being prepared to take it, and also being prepared to let others take it
  • decisions - making good choices at the right time
  • management - having the confidence to manage tough people and tough situations

These themes and areas have emerged over time from hundreds of client conversations. And as with its companion, “This Stuff Really Works”, the book allows you to self-coach yourself through these themes and areas, and to come up with your own solutions.

Head knowledge and self-awareness may simply not be enough. We need to actually DO something. “Courage to Change” helps turn analysis into action.


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