"Coaching with an edge"


Since 2004, Martin has walked alongside individuals, teams and organisations looking to make a difference in the world.

Helping them to flourish.

“Walked alongside” very often in a literal sense. Martin does much of his coaching outside, walking in Cheshire countryside, in London Parks, and by Warwickshire canals.

There is something about being outdoors which creates greater opportunities for new perspectives to emerge. For those “Aha!” moments when, often simultaneously, we suddenly see a truth for the first time and identify a new way ahead.

Martin brings an authentic mix of experience, external perspective, total belief in the client, empathy, integrity and (definitely) challenge, to all his work. For a snapshot please take a look at the short stories here.

Most recently his coaching mix has included individuals and teams in Leadership roles in International NGOs, UK charities, Academia and Schools, Hospices, SMEs and Multinationals. All connected by their desire to lead their organisations to make the world a better place.

Prior to 2004 Martin worked in the commercial sector for 26 years in the UK, Netherlands and US, always in management roles, and latterly managing a range of global businesses. He has a Doctorate in Chemistry and a Masters in Counselling Psychology.

Martin is the author of This Stuff Really Works and Courage to Change, which aim to convert much of this experience into short (120 page) easy-to-use self-coaching pocket books.


Martin works with a team of experienced associates, all of whom have vibrant coaching businesses of their own. Do view their profiles from the main menu above. They speak for themselves.

Martin Howden is one of the most innately talented individuals in the field of organisational and human development that I know
— Dr. Richard Maybury, President of Peak Performance Group, USA
What you get from Martin is coaching with an edge. He wants you to succeed and puts his finger on the very thing that’s holding you back
— Ian Causebrook - Head of Corporate Strategy, Tearfund
Martin has worked closely with us over the last few years, allowing us to recognise and face the challenges of growth and bringing through the next generation of leaders for our business in a format that equips them to face these challenges
— Janet Hemingway, Director, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
When I first stepped up into the role of CEO, I was genuinely surprised to find that it really could be a lonely place at times. Through Martin’s coaching, I have not only benefited hugely from his wisdom and experience, but also been supported to grow in my own confidence and ability to handle the vast array of situations I find myself in, as I lead a small charity. Martin has a real knack of seeing through all my words and worries, helping me get to the heart of the issue, and then supporting me to figure out how I can best move forwards. I always go away with a clearer sense of my purpose and my ‘next steps’, and this input has been absolutely invaluable not only to me, but I believe to the rest of the organisation too.
— Ros Holland, CEO, The Boaz Trust
I got more insights out of 3 hours with Martin Howden than from copious amounts of management training and leadership programmes over the last 10 years
— Rosemarie McIlwhan - Equality and Human Rights Consultant
I always leave meetings with Martin feeling excited. I normally arrive feeling confused about my options, what I want and what’s best for those around me. But by the time we’re done I always have a new sense of purpose, clarity and a plan of action. Priceless.
— Jess Glover - Managing Director, You Say Social