I’m normal, and you’re different - right? 

It’s amazing how little understanding we can have of that difference. I’m normal, and you’re different - right? Turns out it’s not so. Who would have guessed?! 

Working Together is a two part workshop.

Part One

In the first part we build an understanding of who you are, and your differences, utilising the widely used Myers Briggs Type Indicator®. It’s a simple personality assessment tool that has been around for years; and it’s not about putting everybody in a box! It’s about developing a language to understand ourselves and others better, and then working out how we might use that knowledge to develop. Individually and collectively.


Part Two

The second part depends on your challenges. We use the foundation we have created in part one to explore some issues specific to your team.

Some recent examples:

  • How our personality impedes our ability to delegate
  • The link between personality and our attitude to change
  • How the personalities within the team will impact the dynamics of meetings
  • Communication - personality has a role to play here as well
  • Influence and persuasion – hugely linked to personality – both ours and the person or people we are trying to influence

Without fail a few hours spent on a Working Together session will generate a lot of “light bulb moments”.

They can be priceless.

Please do get in touch for more information.