A well-being programme for teams based on the principles of mindfulness

Wanting to create a culture of well-being within your team or organisation?

The THRIVE experiential programme gives your team research-based tools and techniques so that people can take individual responsibility for their personal well-being whilst setting up buddy groups to ensure progress is sustainable and well supported.

Physical, Mental and Emotional aspects of thriving are all covered in these three half-day workshops spread over several weeks.

Spreading the workshops out in this way allows participants to work on new habits between sessions and evolve new patterns gradually over time.

By the end of the series of workshops participants will have had the opportunity to:

  • practice several mindfulness techniques

  • increase their understanding of stress and signs to look out for

  • review their current personal eating, sleeping and movement habits

  • make personal commitments to practice between workshops and to create “buddy groups” for support and challenge

  • assess personal resilience using an on-line tool and create personal development goals

  • increase understanding of current resilience thinking and practice tools to support resilience

  • develop skills to spot unhelpful thinking habits and learn helpful thinking habits

  • increase understanding of current “compassion thinking”

  • increase awareness of personal life purpose

  • make personal and team commitments to sustain the practice of “Thriving” beyond the programme

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