Knowing that it would be beneficial to change some of our behaviours, and actually finding the courage to do it, can be tough. Learning to have difficult conversations is an example. So is saying "no". And learning to influence others is not easy either.

Courageous behaviour doesn't look the same for all of us. Maybe I find dealing with conflict really difficult. Maybe you find it much harder actually to avoid creating conflict!

"Practising Courageous Behaviour" builds on two underlying theories of personality and interpersonal interactions to help you develop an understanding of what courageous beheviour might look like for you. But then it goes much further by giving you the chance to practise those behaviours with trained actors before you have to try them out for real.


"Practising Courageous Behaviour" is an all day workshop.

It mixes theory, the chance to observe, and the chance to practise in equal measures. The workshop is designed for small groups or teams to ensure that there is plenty of opportunity for trying out different styles, and getting comfortable with something that at the beginning of the day might have seemed very uncomfortable. And by using trained actors, we ensure that you get the chance to view a range of different behaviours, but also get great feedback on your own styles.

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