Sometimes we know the changes we would like to make.  But in the real world, when pressures take over, those changes become very hard to implement. 

One to one practical communication skills coaching takes place in the safety of a rehearsal room, so high stakes interactions can be rehearsed in a low stakes setting. 

Typically 4 – 6 sessions are booked over a period of 4 - 8 months.  Each session is around 2 hours long and practical. We work on our feet looking at physical and vocal techniques as well as some talking around mindset and intention.  We rely on and make use of behavioural theories such as MBTI or Transactional Analysis amongst others. The aim is to broaden the range of options available to you when you communicate; whether it’s on a stage delivering a presentation, or in a one to one setting performance managing a colleague or influencing a stakeholder. 

This practical coaching helps you authentically and consciously create the impact you want to have when you communicate. 

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