"It's more than just a house"

All proceeds from our books go to the work of Habitat for Humanity in re-housing extremely vulnerable families in Ethiopia, one of the ten poorest countries in the world.

We are currently co-sponsoring a very large project to upgrade the living conditions of around 70,000 people living in Addis Ababa, Adama and Shashemene which will complete in late 2019. This is based on a pilot project which successfully completed in 2016.

Many of us think of Ethiopia as a dry, inhospitable, famine-ridden country. It's not a true picture. It's a beautiful country, and happily famine is now rare. It's a country in which, crucially, people are learning how to build their own way out of poverty. The future looks much brighter than the past.

Habitat for Humanity is part of that progress. Habitat is a global charity concerned with poverty housing. It costs Habitat just £2,000 to build a simple two room house in Ethiopia.

Having a home for these people is not just about keeping warm and dry. It's about personal security, about health, about having a financial base, about creating an environment in which children can read and do their homework.

As Habitat like to say "It's more than just a house". It’s about creating a platform for the future.

Habitat for Humanity

Discover more about Habitat for Humanity by visiting their website here.